Hyacinth Macaws

 The HAMILTON PARROT CLUB provides monthly meetings to help enrich the  lives of pet parrots by educating members and the public in the specialty  care, nutritional requirements, husbandry and socialization parrots need. 

 NEXT MEETING on Monday, April 25, Agenda Below

 Suzan Payne pictured above of the Canadian Parrot Conference, Emerald Feathers and Pennies4Parrots is BACK  BY POPULAR  DEMAND with a new powerpoint presentation at the Hamilton Parrot Club meeting on Monday,  April 25, 7pm at  the Dundas Lions Community Centre.  Suzan has been actively involved the past few years in  parrot conservation  visiting many countries and raising funds with her Pennies4Parrots campaign to help  support education, research  and field projects of endangered parrots in their native habitat.

 Hyacinth photo courtesy of Suzan Payne

 From Suzan;

 I look forward to seeing you all on the 25th!  I have a great presentation of my recent trip to Brazil which includes  the famous Pantanal and Bahia regions of Brazil – home to the Hyacinth and Lear’s macaws plus many, many  more parrots, birds and wildlife.  It truly is a wonder to behold.  When your first sighting of parrots is a pair of  flying hyacinth macaws on day #2 of your trip and you still have a month to go – well it can only keep getting  better – which it certainly did.  This was a trip of a lifetime and one that I am happy to share with you all.

 I will also be making a presentation to your club as a thank you for your participation in the Canadian Parrot  Conference’s 2015 Pennies4Parrots Challenge benefiting the Lear’s macaw’s corn subsidy project in the Bahia  region of Brazil which, once again, was a huge success.  Having recently visited the Lear’s and the local farmers  who benefit from the project I have to say it was a very humbling experience and one that demonstrated how  little steps in our annual campaign makes a HUGE difference.  That is why this year’s challenge is once again  going to benefit this very worthwhile project.

 2)  Suzan has generously donated a  ParrotMedics Feathered Friend First Aid Kit to the Hamilton Parrot Club  Raffle. This kit has a retail value of $45 and is something all parrot owners should have in case of emergencies.    We will be selling raffle tickets for the first aid kit at our April and May meetings for $5 each and the winning  ticket will be drawn at the May 30 meeting.  Proceeds from this raffle will be donated to the Pennies4Parrot  fund. 

 3) Birds Needing New Homes

 Unfortunately due to a fire two amazons a Blue Front, 15 years and a Lilac, 10 years are in need of a new home,  both birds must go together as they are bonded to each other.  These are pet birds and are not to be separated  or placed in a breeding program.  If interested please contact me by email for photos and additional details.  There will be an introduction/ connection fee of $25 per bird payable to the Hamilton Parrot Club.  This fee will  apply only to the person approved for adopting the birds.

 4) Help Support Parrots in Need.

 Thanks to the generosity of Westjet, once again Parrot Resource Centre has partnered with Weary Wings Parrot  Refuge to offer this wonderful fundraising event. For every $5 donation you make to PRC’s Flight For Parrots  campaign from now until May 1, 2016, you will get your name entered into a draw for a trip for two ANYWHERE  Westjest flies or a handmade Teddy Bear. Donations made up to 9pm EST on May 1, 2016 will be entered into the  draw. Your name will be entered once for every $5 you donate. Draw date May 8, 2016. 1 entry for each $5.00  Donation. Tickets can be ordered online http://www.parrotresourcecentre.ca/flight-for-parrots-2016/ and will be  available at the HPC meeting April 25.  Parrot Resource Centre was the financial supporter of Babs medical bills.   Babs, recently deceased was a HPC rescue Umbrella cockatoo that needed extensive medical care in excess of  $7,000.  Thanks to PRC Babs enjoyed a quality life for three additional years.  Babs story can be found at  www.parrotresourcecentre.ca

 5) Links



 http://www.emeraldfeather.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=23&products_id=148   Description of ParrotMedics First Aid Kit

 http://www.parrotsinternational.org/projectslist/index.html   Conservation programs in the field supported by  Parrots International and Pennies4Parrots



 About Us

 The Hamilton Parrot Club founded in September, 2006 is a group of like-minded parrot enthusiasts dedicated  to the conscientious and humane treatment of psittacines in captivity as well as their preservation in their  natural environment.

 Our main focus is to provide an open forum at our monthly meetings where members and guests can freely  exchange avian information, ideas and socialize their healthy pet parrots. The Hamilton Parrot Club is an  inclusive club that does not discriminate, both breeders and those that believe in “Don’t Breed, Don’t Buy,  Adopt” are welcome to attend and participate in the exchange of information for the betterment of all.  We also  recognize the reality that many pet parrots are feather mutilators and accept them as the precious pets they  are “Feathered or Featherless they are Beautiful to us and should not be hidden away”. We believe our  featherless birds are our best educational ambassadors we have to explain ’what can happen’ to a pet parrot if   its nutritional, physical and psychological needs are not met.

 Mission Statement

 The Hamilton Parrot Club is committed to enriching the lives of pet parrots by educating members and the  public in the specialty care, nutritional requirements, husbandry and socialization parrots need. Through  education and socialization we endeavour to allow our parrots to thrive, thus living long, happy and healthy  lives in captivity.


 “Building a trust based relationship with our parrots one STEP UP at a TIME”.


 The Hamilton Parrot Club’s main Purpose is to disseminate accurate scientific based evidence and information  in order to assist all parrot owners and those interested in parrots. We accomplish this by; maintaining a web  site, email and phone number where members can reach us 24/7, providing open monthly meetings, offering  free/low cost educational seminars, a member's lending library, participating in community outreach, offering a  pet therapy program for those with special needs, providing a counseling service for behavioural issues, giving  mutual support to members and assistance in finding a veterinarian that specializes in avian and exotic  medicine.

 We also strive to cooperate, promote and assist other parrot clubs, businesses and organizations that share  our goals and attitudes.

 Our conservation efforts are focused on the Canadian Parrot Conference’s Pennies4Parrots campaign. The  Canadian Parrot Conference supports conservation of our wild psittacines by raising funds with their  Pennies4Parrots Challenge. The Hamilton Parrot Club joined this worthy cause in 2011 and invites club  members and the public to donate their pennies and loose change at our monthly meetings or special events.

 Due to the fact that parrots live long lives, life situations change and parrots do not always make the best of  pets we assist club members with rehoming and/or acquiring a ‘second hand’ bird.

 Meeting Dates:

 We meet the last Monday of the month, except December at the Dundas Lions Memorial Community Centre, 10 Market    Street, South, Dundas, Ontario ( see Contact Us  for Google map) . Doors open at 7 pm and meeting will start at 7:30  pm. All are welcome to attend, your first meeting is free. Yearly Memberships are $30 single or family and $25 for  students and seniors.

 2016 Meetings;  January 25, February 29, March 21 one week earlier due to Easter Monday closure  of Community Centre, April 25, May 30, June 27, July 25, August 29, September 26, October 31 and  November 28. No  MEETING in DECEMBER.

 Meeting Guidelines:

 Only members may bring their healthy bird(s) to a meeting, birds must have an avian health check by a pre approved  vet.  All birds must be approved by the Executive prior to attending a meeting.   Please be sure wings are clipped or bird i s caged or on a harness for its own safety and that of members and their birds. You are responsible for cleaning up after  your bird and for bringing your own supplies.  Supplies should include a stand, water, food that does not include nuts as    we are in a nut free facility, towel for emergency handling, hand sanitizer and paper towels or wet wipes. The  Executive retains the right to remove or refuse a bird to a Hamilton Parrot Club meeting or event.