The Hamilton Parrot Club founded in September 2006 is a   group of like-minded parrot enthusiasts dedicated  to the   conscientious and humane treatment of psittacines in captivity   as well as their preservation in their  natural environment.

   Our main focus is to provide an open forum at our monthly   meetings where members and guests can freely  exchange   avian  information, ideas and socialize their healthy pet   parrots. The Hamilton Parrot Club is an  inclusive club that   does not discriminate, both breeders and those that believe in   “Don’t Breed, Don’t Buy,  Adopt” are welcome to attend and   participate in the exchange of information for the betterment   of  all.  We also recognize the reality that many pet parrots are   feather mutilators and accept them as the precious pets they   are ‘Feathered or Featherless’ they are Beautiful to us and   should not be hidden away. We believe our  featherless birds   are the best educational ambassadors we have to explain ’what   can happen’ to a pet parrot if its nutritional, physical and   psychological needs are not being met.

  Mission Statement

 The Hamilton Parrot Club is committed to enriching the lives   of pet parrots by educating members and the  public in the   specialty care, nutritional requirements, husbandry and   socialization parrots need. Through  education and   socialization, we endeavour to allow our parrots to thrive, thus   living long, happy and healthy  lives in captivity.


 “Building a Trust Based Relationship with our Parrots                 One Step Up at a Time”.


  The Hamilton Parrot Club’s main Purpose is to disseminate   accurate scientific based evidence and information  in order to   assist all parrot owners and those interested in parrots. We   accomplish this by; maintaining a web site, email and phone   number where members can reach us 24/7, providing open   monthly meetings, offering  free/low cost educational seminars,   a member's lending library, participating in community   outreach, offering a  pet therapy program for those with   special  needs, providing a counseling service for behavioural   issues, giving  mutual support to members and assistance in   finding a veterinarian that specializes in avian and exotic   medicine.       

   We also strive to cooperate, promote and assist other parrot   clubs, businesses and organizations that share  our goals and   attitudes. 


   Our conservation efforts are focused on the Canadian Parrot   Conference’s Pennies4Parrots campaign. The  Canadian   Parrot  Conference supports conservation of our wild   psittacines by raising funds with their  Pennies4Parrots   Challenge. The Hamilton Parrot Club joined this worthy cause   in 2011 and invites club  members and the public to donate   their loose change at our monthly meetings or special events.   For additionalinformation;

         Mrr Mrr our Educational Ambassador &  Registered Pet Therapy Parrot


Lori Gibbons, Founder & President  The Hamilton Parrot Club