The Hamilton Parrot Club supports and appreciates the medical care provided by the Avian & Exotic Medicine Clinic at the University of Guelph, headed by Dr. Hugues Beaufrere. 

Avian & Exotic Medicine Service, University of Guelph, Ontario

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Emergency service is provided for all of our current patients and new patients, referrals and non-referrals, 24/7 all year long. Please contact the Small Animal Clinic at 519-823-8830 to inquire about all our services or schedule an appointment.

Certain animals cannot be admitted, examined, or treated at the OVC Avian and Exotic Medicine Service without specific approval from the Head of Service due to liability and safety issues. These include, among others, privately owned non-domestic felids, large crocodilians, primates, bats, raccoons, skunks, and opossums. We do not see venomous snakes or venomous invertebrates. Clients presenting wildlife species as owned animals must have the appropriate Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Canadian Wildlife permits in order to be seen. Please contact the OVC Small Animal reception to speak with a clinician if you are interested in having us see an animal that falls under these guidelines.


Hugues Beaufrère, DVM, PhD, ACZM, DABVP (Avian), DECZM (Avian)SERVICE CHIEF

Dale Smith, DVM, DVSc

Delphine Laniesse, DVM, IPSAV

Kim Le, BSc(Vet), BVSc

Avian & Exotic Medicine Services

Below is a list of species the OVC Avian and Exotic Medicine Service will examine

  • Parrots, cockatoos, lories
  • Birds of prey (falcons, hawks, eagles, vultures, owls)
  • Waterfowls (ducks, swans, geese)
  • Racing pigeons and other columbids
  • Pet chickens, turkeys, and quails
  • Passerine birds (fringillidae, estrildidae, exotic passerines)
  • Toucans and other pet ramphastids
  • Ratites (ostriches, emus)
  • Zoological avian species (cranes, hornbills, pelicans, water birds...)
  • General Bird Services

    • Wellness examination (recommended once to twice a year)
    • Grooming (beak, nail, wing trim)
    • Husbandry, nutritional, and behaviour consulting
    • Microchip implantation
    • Sexing (DNA, endoscopic)
    • Corrective beak trimming
    • Imping (falconry birds)
    • Feather picking
    • Egg binding
    • Bandaging and wound management
    • Emergency
    • Mobile services for specialized avicultural needs and specific procedures in collections of captive raptors and zoological bird species.
  • Diagnostics

    • Complete blood count and biochemistry profile
    • Diagnostic endoscopy (coeloscopy, gastroscopy, cloacoscopy)
    • Biopsy collection
    • Diagnostic imaging: digital radiography, fluoroscopy, ultrasound, CT-scan, MRI
    • DNA testing for avian bornavirus, avian chlamydiosis, psittacine circovirus, polymavirus and other diseases
    • Bacterial and fungal culture and sensitivity, aspergillosis diagnosis
    • Cytology
    • Fecal parasite testing
    • Specialty services consultation (ophthalmology, dermatology, cardiology, neurology, oncology)
    • Necropsy
  • Therapeutics

    • Fluid replacement therapy (intravenous, intraosseous, subcutaneous)
    • Assisted feeding (crop, proventricular gavage)
    • Nebulization
    • Endoscopic-guided therapies
    • Temperature controlled incubators and oxygen cages
    • Chemotherapy, radiation therapy
    • Drug compounding
  • Anesthesia and Surgery

    • Chemical sedation
    • Inhalant gas anesthesia (isoflurane, sevoflurane)
    • Analgesia (pain management)
    • Anesthetic monitoring
    • Radiosurgery
    • Microsurgical techniques
    • Soft tissue surgery (e.g. salpingohysterectomy, crop burn and laceration, reconstructive surgery, raptor foot surgeries)
    • Orthopedic surgery (e.g. fracture repair, amputation, beak deviation, angular limb deformities)