The Hamilton Parrot Club has two certified pet therapy birds, Mrr Mrr, the first parrot in Canada and Snowflake the first Silkie/Laughing Dove to be certified by Brain Injury Services Canada for their BISHPETS program. Both of these birds have been providing pet therapy and education for over 10 years in the Greater Hamilton Community. Visits have included hospices, special needs programs/schools, All About Pets, senior centres, libraries, Steel City Safari, YMCA, YWCA, new immigrant integration, Cactus Fest, churches, and SPCA camps to name a few.                                                                                         We also have other birds that are qualified but not certified including a Brown Headed Parrot, Ash, a male eclectus Troy, a Golden Mantled Rosella, Ella, an African Grey Congo, Max and our blogger Max the Green Cheek Conure. Many of our birds are rescues and are feather pickers.  We believe our feather picked parrots are our best ambassadors as many relate to them for their 'imperfect' unique look and they are excellent examples of what can happen to a parrot if their physiological and physiological needs are not met in captivity.  Our pet therapy birds are routinely seen and vetted by our avian vet, Dr. Shannon Lee.

Please note we do not do Pirate Themed Events or Birthday Parties. Our events are strictly educational or to provide individual social, emotional or cognitive functioning support.

Contact: for costs and details.