Please join the HAMILTON PARROT CLUB on Wednesday, June 26,   7pm at the Dundas Lions Community Centre for our monthly meeting.

 We will be having a parrot quiz with prizes, an open discussion and a   demonstration on trick training by club member Dr. Louisa Gembora   and her blue fronted amazon, Pooh Bear.

 Please note only pre approved club member birds can attend   meetings. Contact Lori Gibbons at   for details.

 Membership is $30 year, $25 for students and seniors or   $5 drop in   charge for non members. 

 2019 Meeting Dates ;

 - Wednesday, June 26   Quiz, open discussion and a trick training demonstration

 - Monday, September 23

 - Monday, October 28

 - Monday, November 25

- Monday December 16   HOLIDAY POTLUCK

  Birds must be PRE APPROVED by the executive before   bringing to a meeting for health and safety reasons.